It's important that you the reader look at the photos linked and then make your mind up. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. Lupis didn't want to draw a transgender flag, because she felt uncomfortable doing so. Some have tried to twist her words into making it sound like she hates the LGBT community which is not true. She apologized to the commissioner for calling the trans flag sexual as she would never want to offend transgender people. Her response is in the, "LET"S TALK" video below where she says that she says that she and God both care about the viewer and even those who attack her.

Official Callout

Here is the official call out on here:


It's Time To Talk

Here is her reply.


Below is the transcript of the video. (Thank you to weeskunkz)

"Hey guys. I’ve been wanting to talk to you. There's been so much said about me lately, untrue things. Completely untrue. I thought of a couple different ways to share what the truth is. About the things which are being said about me- and about the incredibly unkind actions of some. 

Then, after giving it some thought and prayer, I decided what I'd really like to say to you is this: People are putting words into my mouth, without me even saying a word. They're calling me names, based on what they imagine is in my heart. And it's not true. But still they say it. I find it incredibly unfair, but as we all know it's really common on the Internet. 

I would assume if any of you have known me or interacted with me, most of you know my love for people is genuine. I've loved knowing you, and getting to draw all of your characters. It showed me all of your amazing creativity, and has been a great joy and honor in my life. I love each and every one of you, even those who hate me and viciously attack me now. I don't hold it against you, because I know those who attack likely have suffered attacks in the past, and must be hurting deeply inside to be doing this to me. I'm also praying for you, because I want you to find joy in your life. your life has extreme value. I really believe that. 

Do you know what God thinks of you? before you existed, He thought: ‘Hm, the world wouldn't be complete without one certain person I have in mind’. and then He created you. He wanted you to be here. He created you, and knew you even before you were born. You were created for great things, no matter what life feels like right now for you. You matter and you are important. and I know that God is active and purposefully trying to reach you. I know because He's pulled me out of a crowd and called me by name. 

It's really not about me, though, I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, I say the wrong thing sometimes. But God, He is perfect. He loves perfectly, and is flawless. We may not understand sometimes why he does or doesn't do something, but He is good, and He is the creator of the universe, and He loves you dearly. Again, you may hate me because of the things you've imagined about me, but I don't hate you. I love you, and I care about you. 

And I know that God pursues you. He wants to know you, and you to know him. Not because you're perfect, but because He created you and He loves his creation. I'm just saying, if you ever invite him into whatever you're going through, He'll come. and He'll help you. If you run from him, He'll chase you- for the chance to have a relationship with you. And a friendship with you. It's your choice though, He won't force you. no one can force you. but it's nice that He loves you enough to never ever give up on you. 

Can you think of anyone on earth you could say that about? He's unlike anyone else, and that is why I follow him and I love him. It says in the Bible, in the book of Romans; “But Christ proved God's passionate love for us by dying in our place, while we were still lost and ungodly.” Not because we had cleaned up our act, but just because of his love for us. I hope you all find joy and peace. that your life turns out the way you hope. 

If I need to apologize for anything, it's that I'm sorry I didn't share more openly with you how much God cares about you. Jesus gave up everything for the chance to welcome you into his family. I have never condemned anyone for the way that they live their life. Even in my heart or my mind. it's not my place. someday when I die, I will stand before the judgment seat of Christ. I am responsible for how I treat people, and I have always loved you guys. He says to love your neighbor, and that is all I've done in this community. I've never cut corners. I love you. I still love you. And I love the people who hate me, because I know Christ died for you. 

My bottom line is, my goal in saying this, is not to please people, obviously. nothing I say can do that. My goal is to lay my life and my business down, for Christ. I do what I do because I believe it's what God wants me to do, and I say what I say because I want to honor him. if anything I say can help someone realize how special they are, and how much God loves them, then it's worth it to me to lose all that I have. I’ll end with one more thing from the Bible that I love; “Above all- love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”. 

Thanks for watching."


In another attempt to get people on her side she did an interview with the Daily Person.

Link to interview



Lupisvulpes has acknowledged the incident in a news report which can be found here or here

She also created a new instagram under the name of "@chaptertwo.creations", to try and start anew despite her past and potential continuing backlash. Comments are limited on the account, most likely to hide from hate. 


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